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When Renovations Go Bad

Scroll Through these Epic Fails with Us...
Posted by Deborah Dietmeyer on March 16, 2018 in  Buyers  Colorado  Decorating  DIY  Grand Junction  Grand Junction Real Estate  Grand Valley  Home Improvement  Life in Colorado  Tips
In the era of Pinterest, HGTV, and all things internet accessible, it is more and more common for people to tackle home improvement on their own rather than call in a professional. Now, as a Real Estate Group we may be slightly bias; however, we strongly urge everyone considering a new project to know their limits before diving in. Enjoy some of these finer fails we rounded up for you.  Absolutely Faucet-natingSome people like a swim in the pool, some prefer the splash pad. This is about choices!Moms MenuIf... read more
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2018 is upon us and the bright kitchens are out, being replaced with a more subdued, but very elegant feel. Here are 10 hot kitchen trends we have noticed so far this year in Grand Junction!1. MAXIMIZE KITCHEN STORAGEAs tiny homes and condos seem to be trending,maximizing storage has become a necessity. From hydraulic drawers, to easy-close cabinet doors to double-tiered drawers, the possibilities are endless.2. CONTEMPORARY-RUSTICThis trend is especially popular in the mountain region in which we live!  The c... read more
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Prep Your Home for Sale This Spring

Posted by Rebekah Holten on January 19, 2018 in  Decorating  Sellers
The spring season is a prime time for home buying, and owners who plan on selling a home can start making preparations early on to make the process go more smoothly. There are several actions sellers take when getting their homes ready, and making a checklist to follow can help make sure all their bases are covered.Make It Squeaky Clean One of the most common mistakes sellers make is not adequately cleaning their homes. A clean home generally looks more modern and spacious, and dirt, dust and grime that has been mi... read more
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Home Improvements and DIY

Posted by Rebekah Holten on January 11, 2018 in  Decorating  DIY  Home Improvement
Feeling inspired to update your home?  Wanting to make something new to add to your house?  Paint something?  Anything to freshen up for the new year!  Around here we constantly get to see beautiful homes and it can't help but give us the itch to either want to move or build a new home.  A hazard of the real estate business I suppose. However, moving every time we see a gorgeous new kitchen isn't practical so instead it gets us thinking about updating the homes we have.  It doesn't hur... read more
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Stairs & Storage

Posted by Rebekah Holten on December 11, 2017 in  Decorating  DIY  Home Improvement
What does the space under your stairs look like?  If it is anything like my house, it is cluttered with boxes of Christmas ornaments, my kid’s old toys, an old typewriter, and who knows what else!  But what about making the most out of the space under your stairs?  It's a surprisingly unused concept.  In most homes we don't even notice the space under the stairs; it's usually covered with collages of family photos, elaborate wall hangings or the product of your last DIY Pinterest project. ... read more
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