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National Cheese Pizza Day

Posted: September 04, 2018 by Deborah Dietmeyer

Today is National Cheese Pizza Day! To celebrate our favorite American-Italian Fare, we found a few facts!

*The Average American will eat over 6,000 slices of Pizza over their lifetime.
*The First Frozen Pizza hit the market in 1962.
*In 2001, Pizza hut delivered a salami pizza to the International Space Station.
*The largest pizza in the world was 131 feet in diameter, and weighed 51,257 pounds.
*94% of Americans eat Pizza regularly.
*Mozzarella cheese accounts for nearly 80 percent of Italian cheese production in the United States.
*In a typical pizza-eating session, an adult consumes 744 calories.
*Over 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the United States alone.
*Recently, Halloween unseated Super Bowl Sunday as the biggest pizza day of the year!
*Consumption of Pizza Has Increased American’s Consumption of Cheese by 41 Percent Since 1995.

So get out there, get you a pie, and enjoy a Legendary American Classic! 

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