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When Renovations Go Bad

Scroll Through these Epic Fails with Us...
Posted: March 16, 2018 by Deborah Dietmeyer

In the era of Pinterest, HGTV, and all things internet accessible, it is more and more common for people to tackle home improvement on their own rather than call in a professional. Now, as a Real Estate Group we may be slightly bias; however, we strongly urge everyone considering a new project to know their limits before diving in. Enjoy some of these finer fails we rounded up for you. 

Absolutely Faucet-nating

Some people like a swim in the pool, some prefer the splash pad. This is about choices!

Moms Menu

If it's not on the counter, don't even ask for it. NO substitutions!

Confess your Sins...

...In the counter confessional. Or play drawer Jenga! This room is a built-in party.

When your door only swings ONE way

Put a Swiffer on that thing and you won't ever have to clean that bathroom again! 

Ultimate Home Office Security 

"We're gonna need a different set of tools"- Home Invasion Thief

The latest Diet Craze

You either get the food, or you get to cook the food. Not both. Never both. 

"Ron, I want this cabinets refinished!"-Sue

"OK"- Ron

Look at this gorgeous lot! Someone could build such a nice...

Oh. Wait. I see it now! 

Energy Efficient Windows

Double Pane Glass! Workmanship guaranteed!

We are just gonna leave this here...

Um. Yeah. 

"RON! I want more counter space!"- Sue

"OK." -Ron

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