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Staycation Spring Break!

Who says you have to leave to have fun?
Posted: March 07, 2018 by Deborah Dietmeyer

Spring Break is coming up this next week for the Grand Valley, and the natives will most certainly be restless. If you weren't able to book a getaway, here are some ideas to fill up a few days with fun and make the week little less boring. 

1. Dinosaur Adventure! Did you know that Fruita is internationally known for it's Paleontological discoveries? Or that we still have LIVE paleo digs happening constantly? This and SO much more can be discovered with a day of dino-fun! Start at the Dinosaur Journey Museum where you can learn and discover all there is to know about our local Dino History. Then head over to Dinosaur Hill (also known as Riggs hill) for a short and easy hike full of things to discover including fossils and an old mine shaft.  If the weather is good, and energy is high? Finish off your day with a hike through the Trail Through Time where you can get hands on with fossils.  Best of all? This is all within 20 minutes of town. 

2. Spring Clean Scavenger Hunt! OK Parents, this one is for you. Get the kids on-board to clean by turning it into a FUN game! Have some small prizes on hand to reward, or let them build up to a bigger prize. Either way, they will be working hard to win! Create a different scavenger list for each person in the house consisting of the things in their room (s) you KNOW are lurking in dark corners, or under beds. For example: socks, Legos, cups, wrappers. They can fill buckets or bags, or whatever you have on hand to capture the mess! Make chores part of the hunt too! Game doesn't end until the list is complete. 

3. Ride the Riverfront! I mean, how lucky are we really? Our Riverfront Trail spans from Palisade to Fruita. NO matter where you live, you are only minutes from an access point! Load up the bikes, strap on your skates, or just put your feet in motion and navigate some, or all, of the 22 miles of stunning riverside views. 

4. Bookworm Pajama Party! Spring breaks are for relaxing, and this is one way to stay super chill without getting too bored. Don't get ready for this day AT ALL. Roll out of bed and when you are ready, put on some slippers and head out to your local library branch. Cruise the books, grab a few and find a comfy spot to curl up and read. The kid's section is probably a little more accommodating, but we won't judge if you are reading a novel in the horror section with bunny slippers on. 

5. Go Fly a Kite! March is notoriously windy here in the Grand Valley. If nature kicks up a gust, grab a kite and head out to Canyon View Park. Not only are there ample, open fields perfect for kite flying; but Canyon View has the best playground around. There is even a dog park for your favorite fur-person! Treat yourself to a ridiculously delicious cupcake from Bakers Boutique located right in front of the playground. 

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!

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